Disciples of The Caretakers


Field researchers from the Anodyne Institute recently attended an estate sale at a compound in New Mexico. Our researchers discovered tapes, notes, documents from two persons of influence, evidently leaders of a small religious cult.

The New Mexico compound of the Disciples of The Caretakers


From brochures, we know that the cult called themselves the Disciples of The Caretakers. They believed that an advanced, extra-terrestrial race of beings, which they called The Caretakers, was monitoring the earth and intervening with human civilizations at historic intervals. They claimed that this would explain the mysterious decline of earlier civilizations, such as the Mayans.

Historical Context

The Disciples were most active throughout the 1970s. With the Cold War waging and an energy crisis at hand in America, they posited that The Caretakers would soon return to 'reprocess' human civilization.

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