Howe Incident at Shepherd Bay DEW Line


We surmise that sometime in the early nineties, one M. Howe checked in as a technician at defunct DEW Line site VTL-2 in Shepherd Bay. The station was due to be deactivated and a NWS site established in its place, but no technician had officially been posted at the time of Howe's arrival.


It is estimated that Howe spent approx. nine months tending the station. They left meticulous logs, though these records do appear erratic towards the end of this period.

Howe kept no personal journal that we know of, but we did discover multiple cassette tapes on which they recorded synthesizer music. We believe Howe brought a synthesizer instrument with them. We have released these recordings to the public here.


Howe titled the compositions that they created during their time at the station and they reveal a yearning for home, childhood, family, followed by increasingly strange observations and occurences.

E.g. Howe seems to describe, via track title, that they woke up one morning to discover a new door and passage appended to the rec room, though from the exterior of the station there was no visible change.


When a crew was sent to deactivate VTL-2, they discovered Howe's recordings and logs, but no body was ever found. Howe has not been seen since.

Change Log

19960507 - We discovered detailed notes that Howe left behind. Notes contain track sequencing, cassette IDs, and summaries of Howe's experience composing each track. We have released the music as specified in Howe's notes. An archivist is photographing these notes and they will be released when available.

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