Synthrotropic Soundlab

The Anodyne Institute's Synthrotropic Soundlab was founded in 1954 in the pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of the universe with, and discovering mind-altering frequencies in, electronic music.

Directory of Soundlab Creations

Title Description Student ID
Studio Electronics SEM Filter Sweeps and Pings Synthesizer module demonstration. 830034
mothsound ms-20 | down the latter Third entry in Korg MS-20 thesis series. Cinema. 151031
mothsound ms-20 | public static void Second entry in Korg MS-20 thesis series. noise > drone > feedback 151031
mothsound ms-20 | noir First entry in thesis series with Korg MS-20. 151031
Volca Bongo Phase A variation on the classic Buchla Bongo. Complex and strange phasing. 140053
Soundlab mixing terminal c. 1954
Operator at synthesis terminal c. 1970s
Operator with large piezo microphone c. 1970s
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